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Break Room Design Solutions

When you work directly with Premier Perk, you’ll work with our team of experts to bring your vision of your ideal breakroom design to life so that you can deliver the best possible office culture.


Step 1: Let’s Talk

In order to help you achieve your design goals, we start by assessing your current floor plan to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and take a deep dive into the culture you envision. It’s the first step in determining your needs so that we can optimize your floorplan, space, and environment.


Step 2: Let’s Create

Once the Premier Perk designers have taken your consultation to the rendering stage, we will provide comprehensive layout designs for you to review so that we can design your optimal break room experience. This process is intended to be interactive, and we will build on your specific feedback and needs.


Step 3: Let’s Get to Work

Breathing life into your break room is an investment in boosting productivity and enhancing your office culture. Once our team has worked with you on conceptualizing the perfect design, we get to work on the effective installation solutions; employing only our trusted, trained, and professional installers. We ensure everything is functional, effective, and aesthetically appropriate to your vision.


Take a look at some examples of great break room designs to inspire your specific vision.

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In today’s office environment where things are fast-paced, interconnected, and inclusive, you want to design a workplace that showcases your unique office culture.