Premier Customer Service

Here when and how you need us. We strive to provide customer service that exceeds all expectations.

Customer Service

Premier Perk is committed to helping people create workplaces that are cheerful, interactive, lively, and most importantly, productive. By staying focused on leveraging local, eco-aware, and sustainable products, we stay connected to you and your community. Our core competencies:

  • Food, beverage, and coffee solutions
  • Delivery and stocking services
  • Equipment installation and rentals (through Vebo)
  • Collaborative break room design


As leaders in the vending, beverage, equipment, and office design, we approach every project with precision, unrivaled expertise, and superior service.

We’re all about improving people and productivity. Remember: retention and talent acquisition is a two-way street. When you offer employees the full package of benefits, a competitive salary, and a workplace where they can feel collaborative and appreciated, you’ve got an opportunity to truly let your company shine.

Customer Service

Setting the Standard

Your workplace is what makes you and your employees unique, and we’ll stop at nothing to help you showcase it through our high-quality products and premier customer service. Look to Premier Perk to provide you with an energized workplace through our broad range of services.

Detail Driven

We take the guesswork out of the meticulous details, allowing you to focus on the bottom line.

Let’s Energize Your Positive Corporate Culture

We can’t wait to chat and learn more about the specific needs of your workplace. We can energize, refuel, restock, and reinspire your corporate culture.