Full Pantry Service

Premier Perk is much more than just coffee and snacks. As a leader in perfecting the breakroom and office experience, our comprehensive full pantry services will build bonds across your teams and inspire a relaxed office culture.

Vebo Office Services

Premier Perk has proudly partnered with experts in streamlining office services, Vebo. Offering services that such as pantry/breakroom stocking, office cleaning, moving, maintenance, repairs and more.


We’ve got the services your breakroom needs in order to transform it into the kind of office culture that impresses and inspires everyone. Whether we’re providing employees with fresh delicious coffee or keeping the refreshing beverages and delicious snacks readily available, Premier Perk delivers service with a smile and lets you get back to work!

Full Pantry Services

  • Delivery & stocking of office coffee supplies, and equipment maintenance can be provided.
  • Cups, plates, utensils, and other paper products are available, with plenty of eco-friendly options.
  • Wide variety of coffee creamers, milks and sweeteners, including natural options, and dairy- free alternatives.
  • Machines are maintained to ensure you get the best tasting coffee and tea.
  • Your dedicated team is happy to help with additional deliveries, maintenance requests, and anything else you may need.
Office Water Services
  • A hassle-free, bottleless office water cooler solution that allows you to enjoy unlimited amounts of filtered water or we can provide 5 gallon bottles for water & rent coolers.
  • Many machines offer a hot water dispenser.
  • Enjoy on-trend options like sparkling & alkaline water.
  • Simple installation to an existing water hookup.
  • Scheduled water filter replacement and regular UV lamp bulb replacement can be arranged.
  • Detailed office water dispenser cleaning.
Snack & Food Services
  • Regular product rotation to refresh inventory offerings.
  • Tailored to your business.
  • We offer a variety of products to create a mix of indulgent and better-for-you office snack options.
  • Snacks can be delivered and stocked on your schedule.

Make Your Office Oasis a Reality

Whether you need just a few options or a full range of snack offerings, we will customize a plan that suits you best. How else does full pantry service help?

  • Ushers employee collaboration and inclusion
  • Boosts morale
  • Works to retain your talented team of associates
  • Encourages creativity and productivity
  • Increases energy for increased focus
  • Leverages your workplace against the competition